Who’s behind the ‚Beeple‘ record-breaking purchase?

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NFT acquired for 69 million dollars: Who’s behind the ‚Beeple‘ record-breaking purchase?

He’s a well-known NFT investor, though no one really knows who he is. Now „Metakovan“ has confirmed that he is behind the purchase of Beeple’s $69 million digital artwork.

There’s no end to the NFT boom. Christie’s auctioned Beeple’s NFT collection yesterday for just under $70 million. Also mentioned in the report is that it is the first major Bitcoin Future auction house to sell NFTs.

The buyer is known anonymously as Metakoven – and it’s not the first time he has upset the digital community.

Metakovan – a real crypto geek

Although no one really knows who Metakovan is, we do know that he is quite significant in the NFT universe. Metakovan is the co-founder of the NFT (non-fungible token) collection called Metapurse.

An NFT is collected and then displayed in virtual museums within the „Metaverse“. If you follow his Twitter handle, it is clear that he is a true crypto fanatic. He is bubbling over with pride and enthusiasm for his Metapurse project:

I’m so proud today. @beeple art, @VoxelArchitects builds, @3LAU soundscape, @growyourbase_ strategy, @MetacastGroup imagination, @whalestreetoffl tech. @metapurse has made magic with the best of the metaverse. Doesn’t get better than #B20.
Time to party https://t.co/8UdseRghpy pic.twitter.com/WBdNoiJCb6
– MetaKovan (@MetaKovan) January 23, 2021

Who wants to share the wealth

Some other facts we know about the elusive gentleman are that he lives in Singapore and has bought a virtual sports car. He also happens to own the largest collection of Beeple artworks next to the NFT.

In January, he split shares in his holdings to give everyone a chance to own a valuable piece of art. The principle behind Metapurse is simple but effective:

„It’s about decentralising and democratising art – so token holders everywhere can share in a valuable piece of history. And create wealth for the whole community in the process.“

DeFi for all – and all for one

The demand for NFTs is skyrocketing, so it’s no surprise how invested Metakovan is in the market. He is truly passionate about wealth distribution and decentralised finance (DeFi, for example, on ETH – to buy Ethereum guide).

It might even be a matter of time before someone figures out who Metakovan is civically, if you watch him closely. Because given his high level of interest, he will make more waves in the NFT market.