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Old season and $ 30,000 possible by the end of the year: 5 important things about Bitcoin

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Hodler got a nice present for Christmas with the new all-time highs of Bitcoin. But it is now also in the crosshairs of the regulatory authorities.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) has had a week like no other. It hit new all-time highs of $ 28,400 and holds up very high. What’s next?

Cointelegraph presents five factors that will influence the direction of the Bitcoin Capital this week.

Gold rises on Trump’s signing of stimulus package

Markets were spared a nightmare this week after US President Donald Trump agreed to approve the $ 900 billion congressional stimulus package .

The package makes the US Federal Reserve’s mountain of debt even bigger and includes various perks for companies. For American citizens, however, the direct financial aid is less than in March.

Trump said he could not agree to the second package due to the low level of direct payments ($ 600 instead of $ 1,200), but later changed his mind.

The markets started the new week on a positive note. The S&P 500 futures saw slight gains prior to opening on Wall Street.

At the same time, the price of gold has also increased. Data shows that the precious metal could now make its biggest annual gain in a decade.

Compared to the end of November, XAU / USD is up $ 111, or 6.25 percent.

„President @realDonaldTrump vetoed just nine bills. This is the lowest number since Warren Harding, who was in office for just two years, from 1921 to 1923,“ the gold follower and notorious Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff tweeted when the law was signed.

„Since Chester Arthur (1881 to 1885), no full term president has vetoed fewer bills. You can’t drain the swamp by making it deeper.“

Regulations for Bitcoin to be expected

After becoming popular with a wider audience over Christmas and making new highs, Bitcoin could soon come into conflict with governments, sources warn.

With a new all-time high of $ 28,400 and a monthly gain of 55 percent, Bitcoin is now on regulators‘ radar as its appeal to the masses increases. The next year could be a challenging time even for its proponents.

After the still-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to enforce new laws for non-custodial wallets , his successor Janet Yellen is unlikely to get any better, they say.

„In general, I think we had challenges with the Democrats. They prefer more regulation, more supervision“, so the Chefstrategin the digital asset manager CoinShares Meltem Demirors told Bloomberg on Sunday.

„I’m a little concerned about which way things are going.“

As usual in the US, the different political loyalties mean that attacks by crypto-friendly people can be softened elsewhere. The new chairman of the US securities regulator, Elad Roisman, is considered a fan.

Analyst: Bitcoin decline at $ 28,400 „very healthy“

Focusing on the recent Bitcoin spot market development, Monday can become an important test for the bulls given the weekend momentum.

After Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $ 28,400 on Sunday, it saw a decline that many had already expected.

„#Bitcoin makes a very healthy correction, he went quite vertical. Could a preliminary peak be“ summarized Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe together .

„What’s next? Consolidation, sideways movement, less volatility. That gives the rest of the markets room to keep up. $ BTC pairs are doing fine.“

Chief promoter of OneCoin pyramid scheme starts plea bargaining

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OneCoin’s number two man Carl Sebastian Greenwood and US prosecutors are discussing a plea deal on charges related to his involvement Crypto Engine in a $4 billion Ponzi scheme, the Cointelegraph reports.

The parties have notified Judge Edgardo Ramos of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Greenwood faces five charges, including money laundering, fraud and criminal conspiracy. Earlier in the civil trial, he was described as the „public face of OneCoin“. Greenwood was responsible for promoting the project and attracting new investment. Damages from the scheme are estimated at $4 billion.

According to the indictment, Greenwood „made false statements and misrepresented information, attracting people around the world“. The prosecution estimated that his actions resulted in the pyramid scheme receiving more than $1 billion in investor funds.

Greenwood, a resident of Sweden, was arrested in Thailand in 2018.

The whereabouts of pyramid founder Ruja Ignatova are still unknown. Her brother Konstantin Ignatov was detained at Los Angeles airport in March 2019. He pleaded guilty to several charges and agreed to testify against his sister.

Settimana in breve: Oltre 80 miliardi di dollari aggiunti ai mercati di crittografia dopo il grande rally Bitcoin

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22 I migliori portali di dati crittografici per Master Bitcoin nel 2020

C’è stato un afflusso monumentale di capitali nei mercati dei beni digitali questa settimana, poiché Bitcoin ha registrato il suo prezzo più alto di sempre.

Oltre 80 miliardi di dollari sono entrati nello spazio da lunedì, portando la capitalizzazione totale del mercato al suo livello più alto da quasi tre anni a 640 miliardi di dollari. La cifra, che rappresenta le valutazioni totali combinate di tutte le valute criptate, ha toccato i 680 miliardi di dollari giovedì 17 dicembre, quando il Bitcoin ha raggiunto il suo massimo storico secondo

Non è stato a questo livello dal gennaio 2018 quando ha superato gli 830 miliardi di dollari, ma la differenza allora era che anche l’Ethereum e la maggior parte degli altcoin erano ai loro prezzi più alti di sempre.

Questa volta è solo Bitcoin a fare quei massicci guadagni, dato che Ethereum e XRP sono ancora in calo rispettivamente del 56% e dell’82% rispetto ai loro picchi.

La Settimana Massiva di Bitcoin

Le prospettive dell’oro nel 2021 sono contrastanti ma difficilmente supereranno Bitcoin
Gli investitori e le cifre criptate salutano la Bitcoin che raggiunge i 20.000 dollari, il nuovo ATH
Crypto weekend: Bitcoin si riprende con un guadagno di 1.500 dollari

Bitcoin ha raggiunto il record di 23.750 dollari nel trading tardivo del 17 dicembre e questo segna un guadagno monumentale del 26% dall’inizio della settimana. Dallo scorso fine settimana, il Bitcoin è aumentato di valore di quasi 5.000 dollari, superando di un chiaro margine praticamente ogni altro asset tradizionale.

La massiccia mossa ha attirato l’attenzione dei media mainstream come Bloomberg e CNBC con esperti in gran parte male informati che la chiamano una bolla (di nuovo) e mettono in discussione l’offerta (che è matematicamente incastonata nella pietra).

Anche David Marcus di Facebook ha commentato l’importante copertura che i media mainstream stanno dando al re della crittografia;

„La CNBC sta ora parlando di Bitcoin più di qualsiasi altra risorsa là fuori. Il 2020 è davvero l’anno in cui BTC ha attraversato il baratro per diventare una risorsa legittima per molti che prima non la toccavano o addirittura la colpivano“.

Il fondatore, presidente e CEO di MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor è stato molto ottimista nei confronti di Bitcoin sin dal massiccio investimento della sua azienda nell’asset;

„Bitcoin è una banca nel cyberspazio, gestita da software incorruttibile, che offre un conto di risparmio globale, accessibile, semplice e sicuro a miliardi di persone che non hanno la possibilità o il desiderio di gestire il proprio hedge fund“.

Crypto Movers e Shakers

L’effetto Bitcoin è riuscito a sollevare la maggior parte degli asset crittografici, anche se la maggior parte di essi è ancora molto lontana dai propri record di prezzo. L’etereum ha raggiunto il suo livello più alto dal maggio 2018, raggiungendo i 650 dollari questa settimana, ma ha ancora molta strada da fare per raggiungere quel picco di 1.400 dollari nel gennaio dello stesso anno.

Il colpo di luna di oggi viene da Litecoin, che spesso viene soprannominato l’argento all’oro di Bitcoin. LTC ha raggiunto un enorme 18% nelle ultime 24 ore per superare i 110 dollari mentre insegue il suo fratello maggiore.

New Libra „Diem“ already faces possible legal action

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To say that the development of Facebook’s stablecoins project is taking place in pain is an understatement. Libra renamed itself Diem, but a financial company of the same name has already made it known that it wants to take legal action to defend its brand name …

Diem already exists, and it’s not Libra

Libra announced its name change to „Diem “ a week ago. It was for the project to mark a distance with Facebook . The „Zuckerberg Coin“ has indeed floundered since the announcement of its launch, and its release has been repeatedly postponed, in the face of regulators who have shown particularly strong hostility.

But this “rebranding” already comes up against a pitfall that could lead to a lawsuit for the “Diem Association” . There is indeed already a financial application by the name of Bitcoin Cycle, and she does not intend to let it go, as she explained in a statement .

The CEO of Diem expressed his surprise:

“We were stunned to learn that Facebook’s Libra Foundation had chosen to change its name to Diem. We are currently considering our legal options . “

An upcoming legal battle?

Chris Adelsbach, one of the investors who backed the launch of European startup Diem, told Sifted media outlet that it was probably not an oversight on the part of Facebook and Libra:

“It wouldn’t have taken a lot of effort for Facebook to realize that there is another Diem in the financial services industry. They obviously took the side of saying “ We can just crush them , we are Facebook.” “

It will also be recalled that this is not the first pitfall of this type facing the stablecoin project. He had already been accused of having „borrowed“ the design of his logo in October 2019, and had to change it.

The original Diem company will therefore send Facebook or the Diem Association a letter of formal notice . The follow-up to this case will depend on the response of the social media giant …